Volkswagen Foundation

We improve education and communities development with resources coming from the income of a fund constituted by Volkswagen in 1979.

Nowadays, we embrace three priority causes: urban mobility, social mobility and inclusion of persons with disabilities. In addition, we support some social responsibility actions by Volkswagen of Brazil.

We share the vocation of moving people. Movements that reduce distances and generate change, transforming potential into reality.


  • Education
    2,128,476 Students
  • 25,471 Educators
  • Community
    947,998 Directly
    benefited people

Stories that make a difference

  • Assista ao vídeo

    “And the result was complete satisfaction and surprise with the work that was accomplished. We had expected simple, basic work, but professional websites were created – unexpected for this level, 2nd grade.”

    Anderson Silva Vanin

    Prof. Maria Cristina Medeiros São Paulo State Technical School (ETEC) teacher, Traffic Game of Life project

    Outras histórias que fazem a diferença
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