Baccarelli Institute


Regardless of the style, we believe music can be an important driver of development for children and young people.

This is why we support the Baccarelli Institute, which operates in the Heliópolis community and surrounding region in the city of São Paulo. The initiative offers sociocultural programs and excellent music and art training to more than one thousand children and young people in situations of social vulnerability.

The Institute has a cutting-edge structure, with highly-trained teachers, who teach theoretical and technical classes, to individuals and groups, in chamber, choral and orchestral music.

In addition to providing excellent music and art training, the Institute contributes to the development of the personal skills of children and young people, working on issues such as organization, discipline and teamwork.

Os números desta história

  • 78 music professionals
  • 14 choruses
  • 5 orchestras
  • 20 chamber music groups
  • 25 musicalization groups
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